Property Management

Dedicated property manager for each property, Agreement and Documentation with
personal inspection of the property
We believe in “Don’t Wait And Buy Property, Buy Property And Wait”
1]  Specific login ID for owner & Multiple property could be managed under sole login ID. 2]  Tenant records & Owner records. 3]  Billing records for repairs, Electricity bill records, Property tax records & Society maintenance records. 4]  Police verification of tenant, Rent agreement.
1]  Finding Tenants, Screening Tenants & Handling Leases. 2]  Setting Rent , Adjusting Rent & Collecting Rent. 3]  Handling Complaints/Emergencies & Handling Move Outs. 4]  Dealing With Evictions, Vacant Properties & Managing Budget. 5]  Maintenance & Repairs.
Rent escalations, Property tax, Renewal of agreement, Supervision & Home Insurance. The property manager can assist the property owner with understanding how to file taxes for the investment property.
Repair, Maintenance and Improvements :
MANAGER shall make and execute, or supervise and have control over the making and executing of all decisions concerning the maintenance, repair, and landscaping of the Property. MANAGER shall, on behalf of OWNER, negotiate and contract for and supervise the installation of all capital improvements related to the Property; provided, however, that MANAGER agrees to secure the prior written approval of OWNER on all such expenditures, except monthly or recurring operating charges and/or emergency repairs if in the opinion of MANAGER such emergency related expenditures are necessary to protect the Property from damage.
Service Agreements :
MANAGER shall negotiate and execute on behalf of OWNER such agreements which MANAGER deems necessary or advisable for the furnishing of utilities, services, concessions and supplies, for the maintenance, repair and operation of the Property and such other agreements which may benefit the Property or be incidental to the matters for which MANAGER is responsible hereunder.
Collection :
MANAGER shall be responsible for the Billing and Collection of all Accounts Receivable and for payment of all Accounts Payable with respect to the Property.

The operation, control, and oversight of real estate as used in its most broad terms. Management indicates a need to be cared for, monitored and accountability given for its useful life and condition. The management of personal property, equipment, tooling, and physical capital assets that are acquired and used to build, repair, and maintained item deliverables. Property management involves the processes, systems, and manpower required to manage the life cycle of all acquired property as defined above including acquisition, control, accountability, responsibility, maintenance, utilisation, and disposition.

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